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Heather Elster, Executive Director Heather Elster
Executive Director

508.234.8184 ext.112

Heather serves as the VP of Business Operations and oversees the marketing, development, operations, outreach, and programming departments. Before joining the Whitin Community Center staff, Heather worked for the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce and for 15 years as an Information Technology and Business Process Improvement Consultant.

Karen Boyle, Director of Operations Karen Boyle
Director of Member Services

508.234.8184 ext. 119

Karen serves as the Director of Operations and Member Services and is responsible for the development, coordination, planning, administration, and supervision of all member services activities as well as membership retention and sales. Karen has been a Whitin Community Center staff member for over 21 years.

Tom Clarke, Head of Maintenance Tom Clarke
Head of Maintenance

508.234.8184 ext.123

As Head of Maintenance, Tom oversees the maintenance and care of the facilities and grounds. Tom ensures proper operation of all aspects of the buildings and grounds to create an optimal and safe environment – security, compliance with health and safety regulations, fire safety, maintenance systems, and operational effectiveness.

Alice Benson, Director of Finance Alice Benson
Director of Finance

508.234.8184 ext.111

As the Director of Finance, Alice oversees all financial and accounting operations for the Whitin Community Center. She is responsible for all areas of financial accounting, budgeting, strategy planning, business analysis, long range forecasting, risk management, insurance, taxes, management of the independent audit, and preparation of all financial reports. Alice has been with the WCC for more than 17 years.

Tammy Bodwell, Bookkeeper Tammy Bodwell

508.234.8184 ext.118

Tammy, who works as an accountant in the WCC Finance Department, has a BS in Business Management and has been with the Whitin Community Center for more than 9 years.

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programs are all affiliates of the Whitin Community Center.
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