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GYM ACTIVITIES                          View Day by Day Schedule pdfs
Babies Age 6 mo - 2
Preschoolers Age 3-6
Youth Age 7-13
High School Age 14-17
Adults Age 18+
Seniors Age 62+

Gym Activities
Our Gymnasium activities are diverse and get you moving in a fun, family environment. Drop in, come and go as you please. All activities are subject to change depending on class size. Some of the fun planned for you and your family members are Gym and Swim, Family Roller Skate, and after school gymnasium activities.

• No food or drinks allowed in the Gym except water.

• No profanity of any kind

• When WCC Group Child Care, Preschool, or Kindergarten Prep has scheduled time in the Gym or the Gym is being rented, no one is allowed in during their specified time(s). You must wait outside the Gym until their time is up.

• Keep gym clean, please pick up after yourself.

• When Open Rec gym time is busy, please no half or full court games. Please be courteous to other members and guests.

• No throwing/kicking balls up at the ceiling or windows.

• Please do not play in the Ball Room. It is for storage only.

• Anyone participating in destructive play or activities, will be asked to leave.

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Our Mission: The Whitin Community Center is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of individuals and families and building a strong community in the Blackstone Valley.

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